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Water Drop Adventure Break rock barriers to guide cute water drop to the exit, collect stars and solve liquid Haunting Pumpkins A unique style physics game where you play as a ghost and have to possess pumpkins, avoid Star Rescue A magical adventure to rescue The Great Star Mother! Beautiful and charming Incredipede Incredipede is a puzzle game that celebrates the vast diversity of life in the world. The Humbug 2 Ziggy Fraud wants the crown, and will do anything to make his dream come true. Even if it Rock It! Use the mouse to aim and shoot. You can move your ship by dragging it, or by using the PaintWorld Physics game with liquid characters. Unique concept and super-addictive gameplay. Tumble Towers Play through 60 levels and 4 different game modes. You can also Create your own crazy Portal 2D The popular puzzle game now in 2D, uses almost every feature from the real game in 25 Gem Cannon Hit the gems from wooden boxes. Try hit all boxes in one shoot. Aim your cannon using Accurate Slapshot Level Pack 30 new fun levels with some improvement. Physics-based game. Try to aim as accurate as Binga 3 Part 3 of the Binga series. Mad Shapes 3 ADS Collect all of the shapes in each level by placing identical shapes on the playing field. Stupid Jerks Get all the jerks off the screen in this puzzle physics game. The Lava Escape Guide this cute box to his destinattion! Use the mouse to drag him and set the direction. Cargo Bridge 2 The Cargo Bridge is back! Build a bridge and test your construction skills. Now, there Word Dimensions Play a boggle like word game in 3 Dimensions. Deconstruction 2 Blow constructions up with a demolition bot. But be wary, everything that must go up, NoNoSparks: Genesis This is a really neat game. You have to be creative and smart to play. The goal is to Simple motions 2 Control the creature collecting stars along the way and reach the red flag to complete Ninja Sequence Ninja Sequence is the 2D Puzzle Platformer where you have to predefine the direction in Steampunk PP Steampunk physics remover is back. New pack of the levels from the players around the Bristlies Help Bristlies to get into boxes of the same color. Cut ropes and use interactive objects Atomic Puzzle 2 Clear each level by removing the atoms in the correct order. Can you predict the merging Cooking Ninja Do you have what it takes to be the Cooking Ninja? Slice the fruit and vegetables before Monkey GO Happy Marathon 2 Monkey Go Happy Marathon is back! 30 MORE levels of Monkey Madness with this Monkey GO Ninja Mushroom Guide your super shroom through a mystical forest. Let It Glow 2 Connect the energy source to bulbs and let it glow over 20 levels, again! Shadowess A difficult skill/puzzle game that requires good keyboard skills. Stay in the darkness. Invertion You have only one desire: escape. Discover unique game mechanics while you progress 4 Elements 2 Misfortune has befallen the magic kingdom again! A careless charm made the formerly Making Monkeys Clone monkeys and co-operate to reach the coffee in this devious puzzle platformer. Monsters in Bunnyland Two monsters have found themselves in a wrong place at the wrong time. Use your brain and Mad Bombs 2 Bombs have broken cannon! But the work should be done! Help bombs to kill zombie-pirates Truck Loader 3 Here comes the third part of a little but strong Truck Loader! This time our yellow hero Pixle Physics You are presented with a challenge in which you must fire a ball from specific points on Binga Binga is a variety puzzle game that might drive you a little nuts. Use you wits and mouse Morphicine A green plasticine blob in search for harmony. An original fairy-tale world, skinned over CrazyTopy Little Topy is an inventor, he likes fast riding! But his world has many obstacles on the Pusher Pusher likes to be alone inside his colorful block world. Use boxes to throw all the evil
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