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Commonly asked questions:

Someone has posted an offensive comment, what should I do?

If you see someone post an offensive comment please flag it as inappropriate and the comment will be reviewed.

What are awards?

Some of the games on our site have highscores enabled. If you are able to get the highest score for a particular game for a week then you get the "Weekly Award". This award is an honor and you should be proud to get it!

I have made an awesome game, how can I get it on this site?

Email us at webmaster [AT] and review the game, then it will be put up!

I love this site so much and want to spread it to the world.. what should I do?

Tell your friends! Share it on! Add it to your favorites!

How often are games updated?

There is no specific number of games updated weekly, could be 5, could be 30! We try to get the newest, hottest games on the site whenever we can.

What would be a good comment/review for a game?

You should try to say something useful about the game. Give your honest opinion about it and help others out! Share your tips, make a walkthrough, add guides, maybe something more then 'ZOMG DIS GAME IS DA BOMB' or 'THIS GAME SUX!!!111'.

What is the monthly contest?

This is a contest held every month where the Hidden Ninja users ( that means you must sign up!) compete for points for a prize. Points are obtained by commenting on games, getting a user to "star" or "like" your comment, voting on games, winning highscores for games on the site, and flagging comments that are inappropriate and are deleted by the admin. The top users can be seen on the frontpage and the 1st place winner receives $25, 2nd place wins $10, and 3rd place wins $5. Compete now! We will contact to you if you win and send you the money through paypal.